20. Liverpool City Region

Developing a Natural Sciences Cluster for the Liverpool City Region

Liverpool City Region

Kada was subcontracted to New Zoo to assess the potential of the proposed Liverpool Bio Inspiration Centre.

The proposed LBIC is the culmination of a strategic alliance between Liverpool Local Enterprise Partnership, Knowsley Safari Park and Estate, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council and the University of Liverpool.

The concept is based on the premise you would exploit the innate strengths of the Knowsley Estate, encourage a cross-University discipline (humanities as well as science) and grow the local economy through a number of business-focused activities including the commercialisation of University research, start-ups and spin outs and research and development. This will also support a platform for an exciting ‘biophilic’ visitor experience linked to research and learning programmes at the University of Liverpool which derive inspiration from, or are otherwise associated with, the natural world.

The study started by defining the concept. It noted that outlook for growth for the sector within the City Region and globally is encouraging. The research shows that the sector is comprised of companies in the following areas: innovation-led companies; large corporates; small bio/enviro-type companies; spin outs; commercialisation consultancies and start-ups. The study drew on global good practice and highlighted high profile support for the project. It concluded with a series of workstreams to focus on.

L'pool-LEP Sciences

“Solutions to mankind’s problems and prosperity creating innovation”

“The Bio-Inspiration Centre at Knowsley Safari Park in particular is an ingenious way to take the critical science concept of biomimicry or bio-inspiration and place it firmly at the centre of public, media and political attention. The abstracting of technical principles from nature to develop solutions to mankind’s problems and prosperity creating innovation is a crucial and growing agenda, and it is inspiring to see university research being publicly promoted in this way”.
Dr. Kostya Novoselov, Joint Winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics (in relation to his work on graphene), cited by New Zoo / Kada Research, 2015